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Colorado passed a proposal to increase taxes on nicotine products February 1,2021.

Colorado passed a proposal to increase taxes on nicotine products: tax per pack of cigarettes was raised to $1.8.

Blue Hole New Consumer Report, November 5 news, according to foreign news reports, a few days ago, voters in Colorado, the United States overwhelmingly approved the proposal to substantially increase the state's nicotine and tobacco taxes.

It is reported that the EE proposal allows a tax on nicotine products, which will eventually cover e-cigarettes and other smoke-free products, the measure will also increase cigarette and tobacco taxes, and use the revenue for various health and education programs.

Opponents believe that the ballot measure will not prevent children from using tobacco and nicotine products. Convenience stores, stores that sell tobacco products, professional tobacco experts, and e-cigarette retailers externally opposed the EE proposal because the proposal increased in-store spending on cigarettes and tobacco sales.

At present, the law stipulates a tax rate of 20 cents per pack of cigarettes, and a cigarette tax of 1 cent per pack of cigarettes. Previously, the state passed Amendment No. 35 in 2004, which authorized a constitutional tax of 64 cents per pack or 3.2 cents per pack of cigarettes.

However, the EE proposal will set a minimum price requirement and increase the statutory cigarette tax rate to $1.80 per pack by July 2027. In this way, the total state-level cigarette taxes and fees will be $2.64 per pack-all funds generated by the EE tax will bring the funds to the state general fund, state education fund, tobacco education and prevention fund, and rural school.

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