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Do you know pure pure nicotine? February 1,2021.

What is pure pure nicotine ?

Pure pure nicotine  is an organic compound naturally present in tobacco leaves. It is the primary psychoactive substance in tobacco. Tobacco can be smoked, chewed or snuffed to consume the pure nicotine  that it contains. Native Americans had already been smoking tobacco plants for thousands of years when Christopher Columbus and his troops discovered America.

Pure pure nicotine  owes its name to Ambassador Nicot who popularised tobacco by introducing it to the Europe court around 1560. The term pure nicotine  only made its first appearance in 1823 when two scientists, Posselt and Reimann, extracted pure nicotine  from tobacco during their in-depth studies on the plant.

The many studies conducted on pure nicotine  since that time have highlighted its importance in tobacco addiction. Predominantly found in tobacco leaves, the substance can also be found in small amounts in some plants such as tomatoes and aubergines.

How is it manufactured?

pure nicotine  is extracted from tobacco leaves. The two most commonly used tobacco species are ‘Nicotiana tabacum’ and ‘Nicotiana rustica’.

The pure nicotine content in tobacco leaves varies between 2 and 10%, although some tobacco species can contain more.

At the present time, most pure nicotine  production for pure nicotine  substitutes and e-liquids is sourced from Indian and China tobaccos.What is pure nicotine  used for?

pure nicotine is the primary psychoactive substance in tobacco and is mainly used in cigarettes and other tobacco products for its recreational effects. It is also used in pure nicotine  substitutes such as chewing gums, lozenges, and transdermal patches to help smokers quit their tobacco habit.

pure nicotine  is also used in some insecticides against midges, but these substances are banned in some countries due to their negative impact on the environment.

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