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Canadian Electronic Cigarette Association says reducing nicotine levels will make it more difficult for adult users to quit smoking February 2,2021.

Blue Hole New Consumer Report, January 8 news, according to foreign news reports, in late December last year, the Canadian government announced a proposal to reduce the allowable content of nicotine in e-cigarette products from 66 mg per ml to 20 mg/ml. To curb youth smoking.

The public consultation period is 75 days and ends on March 4, 2021.

The Canadian-based Smokers Industry Trade Association (VITA) stated that the ability of smokers to obtain sufficient nicotine levels in alternative products is critical to the effectiveness of smokers to replace a harm-reducing product. Allanrewak, the executive director of VITA, said at a media conference: “For many smokers, the limit of 20mg/mL is too low. Adult smokers need to get a higher level when the journey from smoking to e-cigarette begins. Nicotine vapor products. Lowering this limit will only allow more smokers to continue smoking."

The Canadian government is paying attention to an initiative in Nova Scotia. Nova Scotia enacted a 20mg/mL nicotine limit and a fragrance ban in April this year. Weta said that after the revised regulations, the sales of legal cigarettes increased by 25%, four times that of neighboring provinces.

The regulation also caused half of the province's specialty e-cigarette stores to close.

Daniel David, President of VITA, said: “Considering the differences in the harms between e-cigarettes and smokers, we don’t understand why the federal government will use Health Canada’s resources to explore making it more difficult for adult smokers to switch to during a global pandemic. Low-risk products."

The Canadian government has already introduced some measures to solve the problem of young people smoking e-cigarettes. These changes include public education campaigns and bans on advertising of electronic cigarette products in public places.

Thomas Skithorpe, the owner of two e-cigarette stores in Morriville and St. Albert, Canada, said he believes that the government has taken the wrong approach in reducing nicotine to deal with the use of e-cigarettes by young people.

Kisop said: "A 60% reduction in the concentration of commercially available pure nicotine will hinder my ability to help the heaviest smokers. Deliberately selling steam products to minors is a federal crime. However, in practice, I have found that this law is not enforced effectively. I believe that the enforcement of existing laws will yield greater benefits than destroying the effectiveness of less harmful solutions."

Health Canada stated that it is considering restricting the taste of e-cigarette products and requires the e-cigarette industry to provide information about its e-cigarette products, including sales, ingredients, and research and development activities.

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