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22nd Century Tobacco Urges FDA to Implement Low Nicotine Tobacco Product Strategy February 1,2021.

Blue Hole New Consumer Report, November 26 news, according to foreign news reports, John Pritchard, vice president of 22nd Century Regulatory Science of American Tobacco, called on the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to accelerate the implementation of tobacco and nicotine regulation The comprehensive plan, especially the mandatory requirement that all cigarettes sold in the United States contain the minimum or non-addictive nicotine.

At the end of last year, the proposed rule was removed from the agency’s agenda without major explanation.

In a newsletter published by Morning Consultant, a global data intelligence company, Pritchard wrote: "Although the dangers of smoking are obvious, the cost of public health is staggering, and millions of lives have been lost, we have never Courage to formulate policies to reduce cigarette addiction and end this public health disaster.".

"Now is the best time to take this step."

In the 22nd century, the company invested a lot of money in the technology to reduce nicotine. If the FDA requires that the level of nicotine addiction is minimized, the company will benefit greatly.

Pritchard wrote: "The company where I work has developed technology to reduce the chance of future generations becoming addicted to cigarettes and provide smokers with alternatives to highly addictive cigarettes.".

"However, we are still waiting for nearly a year of further authorization to enable us to communicate this breakthrough to adult smokers. The faster this goal is achieved, the faster and greater the public health benefits in the United States."

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